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A daily reflection of our Faithwalk Journey with and In Christ.”

We are all in a journey, one way or another, young and old; a journey made up of the daily moment to moment acts, decisions, questions, insights, relationships, loves, losses, rejection, humiliation, loneliness, tragedies, fears and joys. Such is the beauty of life when reflected through the lens of Christ for everything works together for good to those who loves the Lord and are called according to His purpose and those in Christ have overcome the world and are a living testimony.

Walking by faith in Christ means living in obedience to God’s Word (CHRIST), seeing daily encounters through the lens of Christ despite what the prevailing culture and your daily personal circumstances tell you. In every aspect of our lives in Christ here on this planet, God expects us to walk by faith in Christ, and not by sight..

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Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart conversations aim at reflecting nor addressing challenges that believers in Christ experience on a daily basis.

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Health and wellness Faithwalk
Health and Wellness

Promoting health awareness is paramount in protecting our communities. By increasing awareness and empowering individuals to prioritize their well-being, healthy life style can help them make informed choices and seek support when necessary. Educating people about the significance of adopting healthy lifestyle habits and embracing preventive care practices is vital for their overall health. we contribute to building a healthier and happier society for all.

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Prayer request Faithwalk
Intimate moments

Worship, Prayer and sharing of the Word.

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Faithwalk Branded T shirts
Faithwalk Clothing

Christian customized T Shirts for Him and Her, available in all sizes, featuring faith inspirational quote/messages. We strive to design apparel for all men and women, young and old. we are passionate about sharing the love of Jesus through wide selection of Christian Clothing & Christian Gifts, including Christian Men’s T shirts, Ladies Christian T shirts, Kids Christian T-shirts, Christian Baby Clothing, Christian Caps and also Christian Hoodies, Scatter Cushion Covers and much more. May these products serve as conversation starters, to help you share the Good News of Jesus with those around you!

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2 Corinthians 5:7

For we walk by faith, not by sight.
“Walking by faith, not sight means fixing our eyes on what is eternal.”

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How is God transforming you? How is He making a difference in your life? At Faithwalk, we’re all about seeing people mature in their knowledge of Christ more deeply and see daily encounters through the lens of Christ. Please share your story here. You never know how it could encourage someone else!.
Our Counselling team members are registered/affiliated with the Council for Pastoral and Spiritual Counsellors (CPSC) which functions within the Association of Christian Religious Practitioners (ACRP), recognised as a professional body by SAQA for the professionalisation of Christian Religious Practitioners in South Africa, and also registered with Association for supportive counsellors and holistic practitioners, The ASCHP (ID 984) is a SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) recognized professional body with listed designations on the National Qualifications Framework (Act 67 of 2008) . .
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